Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Why several kinds of new diseases attack us?

It is from the atoms that come from sun's rays and settle on this earth that all powers in this earth work. Without sun's rays there will be no power on this earth.

All ELECTRICAL ENERGY developed by man are only from those atoms which come from sun.

Since man is separating power from the atoms that are mixed in this air for his artificial use, the entire atmosphere has become poisonous.

For generating electricity, he absorbs the electric power that is mixed in the air. Similarly he has absorbed the electricity for various purposes.

Man has changed the ways of his absorbing electricity coming from the sun directly and adopted ARTIFICIAL MEANS.

If he continues to absorb the electrical energy from the sun's rays by his science the SPIRITUAL EARTH will not have the power to withstand the action of his science.

The man of today has got his power from Nature has made the entire atmosphere poisonous.

It is by the evils that man has done that we get SEVERAL KINDS OF NEW DISEASES. For these new diseases he has to find out powerful medicines.

When the very air we breath is poisonous new diseases are bound to come and attack us. Now man is in a state of destroying his own race. 

In the olden days people worked along with Nature worshiping Sun and Nature as God.

But today, man is craving for artificial things thinking that the way a rich man lives with ARTIFICIAL APPLIANCES is the prosperous way to live.

No one seeks for a way to get out of this state.

Those who want to come out of this will realize the merits of meditation, they can realize several truths and live a good life.

I can tell and teach these good things, but accepting and following depends upon you. We'll GUIDE those who accepts this way.

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